What Is Aluminum?

We all use aluminum in a variety of ways in our day-to-day life. It is one of the most commonly used metals. We might take for granted this incredible element. Whether gulping from an ice cold can or mastering the road behind the wheel of a car, we put aluminum to great use every day.

So what is aluminum? Specifically, aluminum is an element. It is such a reactive element, that it is only found, naturally speaking, in compounds with others. Aluminum is one of the most commonly occurring elements in nature. The Earth's surface is composed of somewhere near 8% aluminum. Aluminum is a member of the boron group of elements, otherwise known as the "earth metals."

When in the form of a pure metal, aluminum is silver in color. It is light of weight and malleable at fairly low temperatures. However, it is very sturdy. It conducts electricity and heat. Aluminum is also a very reflective material.

The malleability of aluminum makes it an ideal metal for use in commercial products. Simple machine process can be used to shape and manipulate the metal. It retains its shape very well once in use. The light weight of aluminum makes it great for automobile production. It is sturdy enough to keep us safe, yet light enough to allow for good fuel economy and ease of motion. This is exactly the type of material that makes a car more efficient.

Once refined into a workable metal, aluminum is one of the most useful components of many products. Despite its common presence in the Earth's surface, it retains good value. The high utility of aluminum in the industrial process, as a component in many commercial goods, makes it an important asset.

Aluminum is also one of the more popular materials to recycle. Because it is so frequently used in commercial products, it is very lucrative for consumers to take their used aluminum to recycling centers. Many such facilities will even pay for the scrap aluminum. Due to the common use of the material for cans, nearly anyone has lots of scrap aluminum in their home at any time.

Aluminum is one of the most common metals used in the production of many consumer goods. We use it to build complex machines and to keep our food and drink fresh. Aluminum is also one of the favorite products of the recycling industry. Those who care about the environment surely spend many weekends hauling bagfuls of cans to the recycling center.

We are truly blessed for the discovery of this metal in the pure form. Although we have only had this privilege since the late 1800s, we have put it to use in an astounding number of commercial products. Aluminum is a crucial part of our modern world.